Association of F.AU.ST e.V.

What is F.AU.ST e.V.?

The association for the support of foreign students in Augsburg (“Verein zur Förderung ausländischer Studierender in Augsburg e.V.”, F.AU.ST e.V.) is an initiative of the student union of Augsburg, member of the university and the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg and also of citizens. This initiative stepped in in June 1999 and was the first of its kind in a Bavarian university town.

Why was the association of F.AU.ST e.V. established?

The foreign student offices of the universities and also the counsel of the student union are often faced with situations in which foreign students – especially from poor countries – get into material hardship caused by different, often not self-inflicted, reasons. In this case F.AU.ST e.V. can help.

In the year 2003 F.AU.ST e.V. made a significant contribution to the initiation of the project “Welcome to the universities of Augsburg” (“Willkommen an den Augsburger Hochschulen”).

Who is supporting F.AU.ST e.V.?

Everybody – not only natural persons but also companies – who are interested in the support of foreign students and want to get involved with the university location Augsburg and its internationality can support F.AU.ST e.V. You are warmly welcomed.
The declaration of membership and donation forms can be found at Downloads.

What are the objectives of F.AU.ST e.V.?

F.AU.ST e.V. provides financial support for foreign students of the University of Augsburg and the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg, who are in financial difficulties and in need.

F.AU.ST e.V. supports the integration of foreign students at the universities of Augsburg and fosters the intercultural communication between foreign and German students.

F.AU.ST e.V. wants to provide quick and unbureaucratic help for foreign students who are in need. Until the year 2014 the financial resources of F.AU.ST e.V. was able to help 162 students.    

How can you support F.AU.ST e.V.?

The financial resources for realizing the tasks are derived from the contributions of its members and also from donations. The membership fee is amounting 10 € for students, 50 € for individual persons and 100 € for institutions. To ensure the ability to work effectively F.AU.ST e.V. depends on lots of supporting members but also on donators. If you want to support, please transfer your donation onto the following account:

IBAN: DE29 7205 0000 0000 0181 92


Further information, forms for application for aid and the declaration of membership can be found at Downloads.