Faust e.V.

F.AU.ST e.V. is able to provide fast help if talented foreign students from poorer countries are in need of financial help. Lots of students get into material hardship caused by different, often not self-inflicted, reasons and feel forced to break off their studies. Then F.AU.ST e.V. is on the spot.

The non-profit association of F.AU.ST e.V. (“Verein zur Förderung ausländischer Studierender in Augsburg e.V.”) is an initiative of the student union of Augsburg, of the University of Augsburg and the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg and also of citizens. This initiative stepped in in June 1999 and was the first of its kind in a Bavarian university town.

The work of F.AU.ST e.V. lead to the initation of the project “Welcome to the universities of Augsburg” (“Willkommen an den Augsburger Hochschulen”) which was honored with the prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for excellent care of foreign students at German universities in 2003.

F.AU.ST e.V., c/o Studentenwerk Augsburg, b!st
Silbermannpark 1a
86161 Augsburg
Phone: 0821/65 04 24 - 20
E-mail: info@faust-augsburg.de

Executive Board:   

Professor Dr. Henning A. Höppe
Katrin Engelmann
Katharina von Saucken-Griebel 
Rudi Mengele

Honorary Chairman: Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Heinz